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To valuate any media-data, it is important to know what to compare and to be sure that the datas provided are accurate; which in the media industry sometimes unfortunately is not the case.

Up to our knowledge, we are the only true global fashion magazine, that is published in 8 languages and read in over 50 countries by the top professionals in the clothing and footwear industry who have a combined buying-power of multi-billions of dollars.

It is important to note that we aim to reach the decision makers, the mind- and the trendsetters on a global level. One buyer who is ultimately one reader, from a huge department store like Karstadt, Barney’s, Nordstrom, Galeries Lafayette and the like, has the combined buying power of thousands of consumers.

These are the people we reach. We are very well known and often sold in the top-concept stores of the world such as 10 Corso Como and Fred Segal; these are places that inspire other retailers with ideas on what to buy and how to do better business.


A further benefit is the penetration and awareness in future markets such as China, Japan or Russia. We print the magazine in these corresponding languages (Mandarin, Japanese, Russian) hence already having reached these markets. The latter are becoming more and more important and will be cornerstones in the future for brand-building of any company.

If you as a professional and know how many good stores are really to be found around the world, you realise that our numbers are very reasonable and will be well worth the invested money. It only takes one good new top-client from anywhere in the world whom you get through WeAr, and your investment is easily paid off.

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