Professional Magazine:

WeAr is the only leading global B2B magazine for fashion & footwear published in 8 language versions: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian and French. It is distributed to over 50 countries on all 5 continents. Its readers are true fashion professionals, starting from buyers to designers, forethinkers of fashion tech, distributors, agents, and the most important leading retailers. WeAr contains everything they need to know to have an advantage in the fashion industry and use this know-how to be financially more competitive.

As WeAr is not only a source of information but combines art with fashion and couture, it is a collected coffee-table book in demand by art lovers, influencers, and fashionistas.

Couture meets Leisurewear. A symbiosis of art and fashion. Visual information instead of long-winded texts. Facts instead of personal opinions.

The reader is presented with the most interesting collections, stores and market news worldwide. Editorial content fashion, shoes, and accessories for the high-end segment.

Editorial mainstay: Shops and trend reports from the world’s major cities and trade fairs, supplemented with news, research, contacts, interviews, business talk, tips, focusing on the very best.

The Emphasis is on the visual coverage of:

    1. Relevant stores, showrooms, display windows, interior, furnishings, product presentations.
    2. Look Book: Photos of shows and the latest from the most important trade fairs in the world.
    3. Trend Report from the major cities, people, stores, lifestyle.
    4. Photos of collections, trends.

Art and the Zeitgeist inform the issue’s presentation, its cover, opening pages and graphics. The visual information is accordingly clear, accessible, vivid, professional. The texts on the various topics as well as the interviews are short and to the point. They benefit the reader by providing him with information that increases his turnover, improves business or confirms what he already knows.

8 Languages:

English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian. There will be a separate issue for each language.